“Those who believe in Jesus did not confess Him. They were more afraid to lose their power and positions, to lose the praise of men. To be rejected by the Pharisees and asked to leave the synagogue.”
John 12:43-43

Wow! I have read this many times before, but it only recently spoke to me.  The people believed in Jesus, but did not confess Him. Their love of power, possessions, and praise of men was greater than their faith in Jesus.  They feared  losing their social standing in the synagogue more than losing their souls.

They believed in Jesus, but did not have confess Him.  They did not stand firm in what they believed.  They did not stand on the God’s word.  How many of us are like this today?  Not standing up for what we know is truth for fear of losing “important things”  like our social standing in the community, in our careers and even at church?

Our brothers and sisters around the world are losing their lives because of their belief in God’s only Son and His word.  If it were us being persecuted,  would we be found so faithful?

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