As most know, we homeschooled KJ for two years. It was a time of blessing as I watched him thrive and grow.  My time was short, but I gave him a strong foundation for what happened next… I had to return to the workforce, not by my choice or my family’s choice -the economy.  We were fortunate  to find a solid classical christian school whose curriculum is almost identical to what we were using. The transition was fairly easy. KJ made new friends. He was doing well academically. All seemed fine until midway into the school year something changed. This is my story why I want to return to homeschooling.

The Change:

Sometime following Christmas Break, my sweet son went from the I-can’t-wait-to-get-school kid to the crying-don’t-make-me-go kid.  I was confused.  I didn’t understand.  After all he and his new bestie were very close and had made plans to become brothers.

At first, I thought KJ just needed time to readjust to his routine.  But it continued almost daily, and grew worse and eventually it all came to the day (or night).  He was sobbing.  I was teary-eyed.  I snuggled him and asked him to tell me what was wrong, because I couldn’t help if I didn’t know what was on his heart… KJ began pouring out his six year old heart to me.

I learned two things that night, first, he was stressed because wasn’t doing as well as he wanted to.  The truth is he is an A/B student on a harder grading scale than the average school. Secondly, he wanted to return to homeshooling.  That night I promised him that as soon as we can we will homeschool again.  Three years later, he has not forgotten my promise and reminds me periodically that it is his heart’s desire to homeschool.  I have not forgotten my promise to him.


KJ’s school is good.  It is grounded in the Word of God. He is growing academically and he has good friends.  But,  he is 100% boy. He is active.  He is curious.  He is easily distracted.  Sitting in a classroom for hours at a time with little free time and limited recess it not good for him.  KJ needs to be able to move about, stand up, sit down, lay down, jump, and sing.  It stimulates his brain and burns off energy!

He needs to be able to move at his own pace.  Move faster through subjects that are easy for him, take longer on subjects that are more challenging, and spend more time on subjects that he is interested in.  In any structured classroom this may not be possible, because everyone has to keep the same pace.  If some kids are behind they have to catch up – which may cause frustration.  If some kids are ahead, they have to wait for others- which usually causes boredom.  Either of these combinations can cause disruptions in the classroom that must be addressed by the teacher thereby taking time away from teaching.


The flexibility of homeschooling is a huge plus. There is flexibility in what to teach, how to teach, and when to teach.  If we want to jump on one foot while singing the Timeline song we can!  If we want to go outside for science to explore the insects and plants we are studying, we can. We can even have a field trip to the zoo or aquarium.

We can homeschool in the car by listening to memory work, reciting facts, and yes, your child can read in the car instead of playing a video game or watching a movie.  We can homeschool when out of town.  If I need to go to help my parents, it’s not an issue.  I just pack up the wheely cart with the school work and go!

These are just a few reasons I believe homeschooling is the best choice for us.  But for now, KJ will attend his private school until I can return home.  There are many points of view regarding education overall. The only opinion that matters is yours . The only choice that matters is what works best for your family.  Whatever your choice of education, it should be a family decision that has been discussed and prayed over.

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