“Let us go there, because they are an unreached nation.”

America is the only nation in the world whose foundation is the word of God.  There are those who try to tell us that it is not.  That our founding fathers were really not that “religious”.   That their writings are taken out of context and we only have half the truth.

The truth is that the world only wants us to have half the truth.  They want to make us a Christ-less nation.  A nation with a crumbling foundation.  A nation without conviction.  A nation to live life as we choose without boundaries and especially without God.  A nation in which  “good is called evil and evil is called good”.  But wait, is this not happening right before our very eyes?  Why is this happening?  We, as a nation, are becoming an “unreached people group”.

The roots of our Jerusalem are dying and not being nourished so that new growth can continue. How can we change this? How can we encourage new growth in our own nation? By sharing the gospel day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute. In everything we do, everywhere we go, and everything we say. We should live our lives  in such a manner that people are drawn to us. What does this look like on any given day?

1. Moms (and Dads): Our first commitment is always to God.  Our second commitment is to our spouse.  Our third commitment is to our children, but should be our first mission. They are a heritage from God.  We are to diligently teach them the word of God.  To live our lives in such a way that He is gloried.  To speak in a manner that is seasoned. Speak life giving words.  Should we fail to teach our children the word of God and who He is, the world will teach them who God is not.

2. Workplace: The workplace is a mission field.  Most Christians feel its just a place to  earn a living. While this is true it is also not true.  I believe  that God places us where He wants us to be for a reason and for a season.  There are many hurting and lost people at work.  They go from bar to bar,  and person to person, looking for something to fill that empty place that only God can fill! Don’t be afraid to share your faith at work.  You will be surprised to see who will come to you with questions, and ask for prayer.  I know because I have lived it.  God has given me many opportunities in my workplace to pray for my co-workers and to talk to them about God. Yes, it can be scarey and intimidating at times, but it gets easier.  If you live your faith out loud, they will come to you.  Jesus lived His life in such a manner that people were attracted to Him and wanted to know more.  This is how we are to live!  Fearless!

3.  Sickness: How can I tell people about Jesus when I am sick?  Praise Him in your infirmity.  Talk to your doctors, nurses, and other staff about Jesus. Ask the medical staff and other patients if you can pray for them. Pray!  If you are a caregiver to person who is suffering you can to do this! Remember if you or your loved one is not healed on this side of Heaven, you will be healed on the other side of Heaven! Praise and Prayer!

4. Everyday:  Everyday is a new day and has opportunities. Everyday choose kindness over cruelty;  love over hate; joy over bitterness; peace over wrath; self-control over self-will.  Live in such a way that you are blameless before men.

5. Missions & Ministries: Find a home mission/ministry to volunteer with or support. You will be a blessing to a hurting world and be blessed. If you have a mission/ministry you work with, I would enjoy hearing about it and link it to my blog to get the word out.

We can share the love of Christ everyday.  Imagine if we started to live our lives in this manner how many people in our Jerusalem could we reach! How deep would our roots run? How fruitful would our nation be? How much would God be glorified?

 Begin in Jerusalem

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