I  previously posted how I struggle to keep my home in order.  Yesterday, I had an ah-ha moment! It was such a revelation that I could almost hear clapping and cheering!  Drum roll please……I’m overwhelmed!

With work, homeschool, sports, and (most importantly) church/mission activities, I am on the road seven days a week.  I am too tired, too busy, and too drained, to find the strength to keep up with it all.   I’m unmotivated because I’m overwhelmed! 

I know that I am not the only one because when I told a dear co-worker of my new revelation, I saw the ah-ha moment in her eyes and could almost hear the clapping and cheering as she said with passion “That’s it, that’s it”!

What do I do with this discovery? Devise a plan.  A plan that fits into my life and schedule.  I have tried to follow other bloggers’ plan and taken their get organized challenges only to fail merisably, because the plan was unrealistic for my family’s schedule.   Here is what I think will work for me:

1.  One chore per day:

-Monday:          Dust entire house.
-Tuesday:         Vacuum entire house.
-Wednesday:    Clean all bathrooms.
-Thursday:       Clean kitchen.
     & Saturday: Laundry
Sunday:           Rest.

2.  Ask for help:  Recruit my sweet husband to help with chores that I can’t do alone such as putting items in storage. Assign (and enforce) chores for my son such as making his bed, cleaning his room, picking up his toys.  Although these are already in place, I need to encourage him to do them on a more regular basis.

3.  Have more discipline:  This is a big one for me.  I have been trying teach my son the importance of having good habits especially with his attitude.  But this is a lesson that mama needs to not only encourage with words, but with actions.

Maybe with these three, instead of yelling at everyone in my house and being reduced to tears (me being reduced to tears).  Both my joy and motivation will return. I would love to hear insights from those who are or have been on this path. Let us be Titus 2 women and mothers let the older teach the younger.

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