If you or your kiddos are looking for a great read this summer, look no further.  Priscilla Shirer’s  “The Prince Warriors” will keep everyone on the edge of their seats with  intriguing adventures as brothers Xavier and Evan, along with their friends and  unexpected characters, go on an amazing journey!

The Prince Warriors (Prince Warriors Series #1)

Xavier and Evan are just your  average boys with the typical sibling relationship- nothing special about either…. or is there?  One night Xavier and Evan are awoken from sleep and begin an adventure they will not soon forget.  The boys-next-door brothers soon become prince warriors who find themselves in a unknown world called Ahoratos.

After the brothers and their friends are given the protection they need, all are soon sent on a journey to find their individual paths by following instructions provided by their armor. Each one must follow the instructions carefully to find their way safely through this strange and adventurous world known as Ahoratos. Danger lurks in beautiful forms of deceit making the journey more difficult.  Things are not what they seem in this world called Ahoratos.  Will all the kids make it back safely?

The story is based on Ephesians 6:10-18 and interweaves biblical truths into this adventurous story.  Within the instructions given to the prince warriors, there are elements of salvation and the Word of God.

The Prince Warriors is the best new christian children series since C. S. Lewis’ Adventures of Narnia. Visit the website with your  kids to learn more about the adventures and download an App.  The next book,  Unseen Invasion, will be available in October 2016.  Priscilla Shirer has also written a corresponding devotion, Unseen: The Prince Warriors 365 Devotional.

I truly enjoyed The Prince Warriors and recommend it for kids ages 9 and up.  I look forward to the next book, Unseen Invasion.




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