As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are a family that loves to read.  As such, I am always looking for good, quality books for my five year old son.  With that said, I was excited to receive my first book from Tyndale to review.

Battle for Cannibal Island

Book #8 in The Imagination Station Series, “Battle for Cannibal Island”,  begins with cousins, Beth and Patrick, meeting at Whit’s End ice cream shop.  Beth finds Patrick sitting in the Imagination Station in Mr. Whit’s workshop when they “accidentally” start the station and their adventure begins.

Beth and Patrick find themselves on an British naval ship going to the Fiji Island were cannibals are causing “chaos”.  Along side Beth and Patrick is missionary James Calvert, who takes Beth under his wing when she is separated from Patrick who is thrown in the “brig”.  During a typhoon, Patrick is thrown overboard with Nettleton, a crew member, and  the two realize they are heading for “cannibal island”.

Calvert convinces Captain Home to send out a rescue boat for Patrick and Nettleton. Beth, wanting to help Patrick, hides on the rescue without the knowledge of the crew.   With everyone going to the island no one knows that the cannibal king is looking for Patrick and Nettleton.  The two cousins, along with the crew, continue to overcome difficult obstacles in the middle of the storm and see how God can change the hearts of people.

This book is on-the-edge-of-your-seat exciting that any adventurous little boy (or girl) will enjoy.  With every page a new challenge ensues.  It is full of characters from different backgrounds of life who are all brought together during trying circumstances.  Through Calvert, spiritual truths and treasures are interwoven throughout the adventure.


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