Tyndale not only provided, “The Battle for Cannibal Island” for my review, but also  “Escape to the Hiding Place” Book 9 in The Imagination Station series.

“Escape to the Hiding Place” is another exciting adventure which begins with a plane crash, German Soldiers, and Bernard, a member of the Dutch Resistance.

After avoiding arrest by the German Soldiers, Bernard takes Beth and Patrick to his family’s farm where several children are hiding because their families were taken to German Camps.  Beth and Patrick are soon given an assignment of smuggling a Jewish baby to its mother.   On their journey, the two cousins are chased by the Dutch Police, encounter the Gestapo, and learn of the dangers of daily life during World War II.

This thrilling tale will capture the minds of children (and adults) with its many adventures which are laced with history and spiritual truths.

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