Saturday was so beautiful here.  The sun was brightly shining, the birds were singing loudly, and the blooms were bursting in to life. Oh, how I love Spring!  The “freshness” of the air and all things are new.  Being a transplanted Southern, the first signs of Spring make me want to squeal like a little girl.  This is my favorite of all the seasons.  I feel as though I too come back to life after a long, cold, dark winter.  My spirit is renewed, my joy is returned, and my energy restored.  Thank you Heavenly Father for another day to bask in your creation and be in awe of its beauty.

I was also excited that my family and I had a rare opportunity to stay home most of Saturday and we took full advantage of all the sunshine.  My sweet husband did the first of the yard work and I ….. began to spring clean my house.   I was so inspired that I opened the windows and tackled my kitchen.  I washed the walls, the cabinets, the appliances, and scrubbed the kitchen floor.  I was surprised to find that food had splattered across the kitchen, and that the china cabinet had a nice layer of dust on top of it.  Ugh!

I didn’t get to finish everything because I had to pick up my sweet husband’s dry cleaning, make lunch and get ready a ministry meeting.  I only need to wash two small walls, clean the inside of the cabinets, and clean behind the refrigerator and stove then I will be done.

I am happy with what I did accomplish and my kitchen is shiny and fresh!

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