My husband, who is a veteran camper, decided it was time for our first family camping trip!  Okay.  I can do this after all I did grow up in the mountains. Right?  My friends and co-workers are not so sure as their immediate response was to burst out laughing when I told them I was going camping!

When we told our son we were going camping, he  jumped up and down, clapped, and did the happy boy dance! He’s been wanting to go camping for a while, it was a dream come true for him.

My two men begin the preparation of packing the gear and I packed the necessities… wipes, hairbrush, hair spray, makeup, toothbrush…flat iron? hummm, no – no electricity.  After all we are “roughing  it”.  Bug spray…lots of bug spray….

Finally, we’re on our way!  We drive, leaving the city behind…..and drive…. and drive…. and drive….until we come to a dirt road that becomes more and more narrow and bumpy  as we go.   We pass houses, who’s owners obviously like complete seclusion. We drive…. and drive arriving at our campsite.  My husband was gentle with me.   A pastor friend  let us use his cabin in the middle of no where!

 Cabin 2

I am thankful that I don’t have to sleep in a tent, but to my delight, there was electricity, but I didn’t bring my flat iron!  There was air condition and a small refrigerator!  There was not, however, running water or an in-cabin powder room!  But there was an outhouse just down the hill from the cabin.  It’s better than using the woods!  I can do this!

We unpack everything making multiple trips up and down the hill to the cabin when my husband announces the men will go “make fire” and I will make the our beds.  What?  I’ve never blown up an air mattress before.  I’ve only watched him do it at at the holidays for family accommodations.  (Deep breath) Okay, I can do this.   I grabbed the mattress and the air pump and with a few attempts I figured it out!  Go me, go me!  I’m camping, yes I am!

My husband then announced I was in charge of food prep!  Okay, this I know how to do.  I peeled, sliced and chopped, and this:

wpid-20140801_204921.jpgPlus this

wpid-20140801_205747.jpgEquals this

wpid-20140801_215818.jpgCampfire Beef Stew!

I even went hunting.  Yes, I did!  A wasp got into our cabin and I was like a mama bear protecting her cub from the danger.  I kept my eye on it, but could never get. My husband came to our rescue!

By this time was I am so tired from all the work of camping, I could fall over!   I get tucked in, but all these crazy mom things are running through my head, the “what if’s”.  But I manage to get almost asleep when I hear something… oh it’s nothing.  Almost asleep again, my husband says something.  Almost asleep again, when I hear something else….our son slid off his air mattress and was face down on the floor, still sound asleep.  I get him tucked back in. Almost asleep again when something else wakes me….. finally before dawn I managed to get a few hours sleep.

Our son did not have an opportunity to make the favorite camping treat, S’Mores, the night before because he fell asleep not long after dinner.  So for breakfast he made his first official S’More!

S'mores making

After another cup of coffee, we packed up, cleaned the campsite and headed out for  breakfast! Then home!

What I learned from camping:

1.  Camping is a lot of work with the packing, unpacking, and setting up camp.  Then the breaking down the camp, clean up and re-packing.

2. Isolation can be relaxing and scary, especially since we live in a world in which we are surrounded by other people and and social media.

3.  Would I do it again?  Yes, for my boys.  Its something they both enjoy.  Spending time with family is the most important part of all.

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