memory master buttonIt’s time for Memory Master preparation!  Moms are drilling. Kids are reciting. Dads are encouraging.   This year Foundation students will recite 500 pieces of information they learned during Cycle 2.  According to Classical Conversation’s Foundations Guide, that’s 24 science facts, 24 history facts from the medieval period to the World Wars, all 44 (soon to be 45) presidents in chronological order, 161 historical events from Creation to modern times, Latin, English grammar and math facts! Shew!  How does a Classical Conversations’ family of one child prepare for the Memory Master’s Challenge?  The same as a family with multiples on a smaller scale.

In the Beginning:

We begin preparing for Memory Master starting with Week 1 by reciting  the week’s memory work four out of five weekdays, and allowing one day for our community.  Each week’s memory work is added so that by week 24 all memory work is reviewed daily. In addition to weekly memory work, the timeline song and the President’s song are also reviewed.

Week 12/13:

During Christmas Break (week 12/13)  we begin listening to all 24 weeks memory work, becoming familiar with the information to make retention easier.  Fridays are reserved to prepare for the Memory Challenge.  KJ orally recites all up to date memory work to ensure he knows it.  This method also helps identify what he needs to work on, and condition him for the big day, which can be exhausting.

Make it Fun:

Let’s face it, reciting memory work can be dull!  Make it fun by playing games.  One simple game to play is beat the parent (usually mom).  One parent (dad) randomly selects a piece of memory work to ask each person.  When the player is correct, he receives an M&M or penny.  Whoever has the most wins.  Kids enjoy winning any game against their parents and it builds confidence!

Here are some other cool games by CC Blogger Moms that your kid is sure to enjoy:

  • Lego Games by Stacie at Homeschooling on a Dime.  If your kid loves Legos then this game will be a hit! It’s easy to play, just roll a die, move a space, and add or subtract bricks to build a tower.
  • Jenga by Nicole at Living Out His Love.  Jenga is one of our favorite games, so this will be great for review.  I like how Nicole designed this game to use with every cycle.


To prepare for the Memory Challenge, I copy  the Memory Master and Homework Guide for Cycle 2 including the Maps which I then laminate.   Using the laminated maps, KJ traces and labels all current geography. During Friday’s review time, I use  the  Memory Master Subject Guide to keep a tally of how well he is doing.  I don’t use the Proof Sheet at this point because it’s designed for use during final proofing.  However, it is helpful as a guide for drilling.

To manage all the Memory Master material, place it in a binder in order of the Proof Sheet with the Proof Sheet being first.  I recommend placing the Memory Masters’ Tips in the binder as well for easy access.

Another tip, which most CC moms already know, is to listen to the audio CDs while traveling!  As moms, we spend a lot of time running errands and shuttling kids.  Why not incorporate “car schooling” into our busy days?

Finally, the Memory Master Challenge is intense for both  kids and parents.  There are four stages of proofing each child must pass.  Encourage your child through each stage and praise him for a job well done.  It is truly an accomplishment no matter the outcome.

Have fun with your Memory Master Preparation.

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