Jesus himself gave us the commission to go and preach the good news to the all the nations.  Beginning in Jerusalem, pushing forward to Judah and Samaria, then the outer most parts of the world.

Our mission begins in our Jerusalem, our town.  It is the beginning of a journey.  The place we start.  The place where seeds are sown and nourished.  A place to grow, learn, and teach. A place where laborers are sent into Judah and Samaria, the unreached lands to the south and north.  Taking the gospel of Christ to the surrounding towns and cities where more seeds are sown and nourished.  More laborers are taught who go into their Judahs and Samarias where the cycle of spreading the gospel continues until the “outer most parts of the world” are reached.   Oh, how beautiful is God’s plan!

But, in all the going and reaching we should not forget Jerusalem.  Let us not neglect our beginning.  Let us not allow our Jerusalem to become like dust.  To become unfruitful lest we are cut off at the roots and thrown into the fire! Let us not neglect our towns, our own people groups.  Let us not become a nation in which other nations say  “Come, let us go there for they are an unreached nation.”

Begin in Jerusalem

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