It’s true, I’m not crafty.  My attempts at craftiness resemble a first grader’s art project.  Scissors and glue everywhere. But sometimes I have an idea and it turns out the way I planned….for the most part.

My ideal started with a dilemma: One son and one mom-mobile filled with toys, games, and videos. What to do?  Aha!

I have a box…I have Duck tape


Hummm, I could place the tape on the box and make a toy box for the mom-mobile…


I didn’t like the uneven lines of the tape on the inside of the box so ….wpid-20140602_163528.jpg I placed a strip along the edge to give it a clean straight line…. then


Volia! A mom-mobile clutter control device a/k/a toy box!

wpid-20140602_165037.jpgNot bad for a non-crafty working mama!


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