I’ve been inspired by my recent addiction to Pinterest.  There’s a gazillion ideals from a gazillion crafty people, but I’m not one of them. I wanted to try my hand at Fall decor´ and with some help of a few Pinners this is what I did.

1. Learned how to wash, iron and cut burlap at OnSuttonPlace.com.  I discovered that burlap is messy.  Make sure to clean out the lint trap in the dryer when finished.  I am still finding pieces of burlap from time to time.

2. I cut the burlap into four 3-inch strips: (Hint: lay the burlap on a table outside to reduce the amount of flying fuzz in your house.)

wpid-20140922_173601.jpg   wpid-20140922_173705.jpg  wpid-20140922_173739.jpg

3. Next, I made bows:

wpid-20140922_175418.jpg  wpid-20140922_175623.jpg  wpid-20140922_180717.jpg

I did the same for the smaller orange 2-inch strips:


4. I made templates ( which look like cats), one large owl and one small owl.  I pinned it to this pretty navy blue chevron cloth and cut out one large owl, then four smaller owls.

wpid-20141005_185557.jpg  wpid-20141005_185700.jpg  wpid-20141005_185741.jpg

And this owl inspired my owl for the front door:


The pinner’s is much nicer than mine, but hey, I’m not crafty!

5. Then I really got “crafty” brave…I made four oval-ish bellies and hot glued them to the smaller owls, glued on a monogram, added some eyes and…. drum roll please….


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