Survive 1st Homeschool Part 2

In Part 2 of the How To Survive Your First Homeschool Convention, I will share more tips to keep you organized and provide information you may not know about the convention.


Whether you have pre-registered or not, the first step is to check in at the registration desk.  There you will be given a packet containing a schedule of workshops and vendors, wristbands, an audio order form, and other items that may interest you.

Take time to look through the packet especially the schedule and tentatively plan your day by highlighting the workshops you’re interested in then write them down in the 2016 Homeschool Companion Guide I designed to keep you organized.  Do the same for any vendors you’re looking for or want to know more about.  There is also a section in the Guide for vendors that can be organized by child or subject and a place to tally the costs to help keep you on budget.

In your registration packet you will receive a wristband for each family member registered. These wristbands allow entrance into the workshops and exhibit hall.  You will only receive one wristband per person for the entire convention. It is important not to lose them.  I always put my wristband on just snug enough not to fall off and loose enough that I can slip it off my arm at night. I also put the wristband in my handbag for safe keeping.


If you print my Guide, three-hole punch it, and place it in a three-ring binder.  You can either keep it intact as is or use dividers to organize it into workshops, vendors, and wishlists.  The homeschool schedule can also have a place in the binder for easy access.


Save Money: If you plan to attend an out of town homeschool convention, register early for discounts.  You can also volunteer a few hours to receive free or reduced admission price for you and/or your family.

Discounts:  Look through the homeschool schedule for discounts and specials for curriculum.

Logistics: Reserve your hotel as soon as possible especially if you want to stay close to the convention center. Some hotels partner with the homeschool convention and offer special rates.

Missed a Workshop: Was there a workshop you really wanted to attend, but forgot the time, or just couldn’t make it?  No worries, just order the audio version and pick it up at the conference.

Extras:  Some events, including special guest speakers, programs, children conferences, and audio recordings are not included in the price of admission and will cost extra.

Homeschool conventions are large, but with a little know-how and planning you should not be overwhelmed like I was at my first convention. Remember to go here to receive my Free 2016 Homeschool Convention Companion Guide.

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