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It’s Homeschool Convention Season! W0o-hoo!  Hubby and I look forward to the MidWest Homeschool Convention every year.  When you put two people who love reading, history and education in a convention center filled with endless possibilities- its a date!

You’re probably thinking, what does a work-outside-the-home-mom know about homeschooling? I homschooled our son for a season, and prefer it to  other choices.  But life happens and we have to make the best choices according to our means.   It’s our desire to return to home education, but in the meantime, KJ attends a classical christian school.

When KJ began school, we continued go to the homeschool conventions.  The expressions on the vendors’ faces are priceless when we tell them we no longer homeschool, but enjoy perusing the resources and attending the lectures.  There are lectures from parenting, special needs, and education to organizing, saving money and making money.

We take KJ with us on Saturday, when he is out of school.  The convention is where his desire to learn the violin was sparked.  The place he discovered he wanted to learn to play chess.  The place he was mesmerized by robots.  The place he was fascinated by microscopes, and the place he found historical books to read.  It stirs the imagination of the young mind, and encourages learning in subjects your kids may not be introduced to otherwise.

If you are a working mom (or dad) who is actively involved with your child’s education, or considering your options, I encourage you to attend a homeschool convention near you.  You will find resources and hear lectures to guide you.

While you’re there, you may also find some encouragement of your own. There are vendors dedicated to nutrition and food preparation and organization/planning.  There are wonderful books. Classical books.  Christian books.  Art books. You may even find something that ignites a passion that you never knew you had.


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