Super Working Mom SyndromeFor years, I suffered from Super Working Mom Syndrome.  It’s a condition that causes working moms to believe we have to do everything and do it to perfection while looking our best in heels and lipstick.  The good news is, we can overcome it!  I want to share four things  I’ve learned from being a working mom.

  1.  I don’t Have to do Everything:  You know the mom who has it all together? Her household runs smoothly. She prepares gourmet meals, and provides for her family all while looking amazing! Her husband and children adore her.  We strive to be her.  Yes, the legendary Virtuous Wife.  She seemed to do it all, but most of miss the fact that she did not do it alone! She had maidservantswhether free or bond, she  had help. She delegated tasks and duties.  Most of us don’t have the financial means to have a household staff.  But, what we do have is a family. Every capable person can lend a hand in maintaining order in the home. Lesson 1: We need to learn to appropriately delegate tasks because we do not have to “do it all” by ourselves.
  2. Crockpots are our Friend: There are a gazillion recipes for crockpots meals, including pre-made frozen dinners.  Just drop and go and dinner will be ready for the hungry family when we get home. and are two sources for yummy meals. Lesson 2: Gourmet meals are not necessary. Focus on yummy and nutritious meals that are quick and easy. 
  3.  Schedule Everything: Time management is essential.  As a working mom I think of time often- what time do I need to be there? How much time will it take to get to point A to point B? How much time will it take to perform a task, etc. My solution is to schedule everything, including laundry.  This method works well for me as long as I have time to do it.  I also like to make a list of things I need to accomplish and fit it into my day – crossing tasks off my list gives me joy! Lesson 3:  I control my agenda, my agenda does not control me. Don’t stress if a task is not completed when it is scheduled.  Just move it to the next day.  It will still be there.
  4.  Sunday is Essential: Many of us feel guilty if we have a day of rest.  A day we do not do anything.  No laundry.  No vacuuming.  No cleaning.  No running errands.  When I was a little girl, we rarely did anything on Sunday.  After Church, mom would make pizza for lunch and we would visit my grandparents or go for a Sunday drive.  I miss those  days. (Sigh) Rest is a commandment.  God commanded a day of rest in which no work is to be done.  For Believers, by tradition,  that day of rest is Sunday. Our day of worship, rest and refreshment. Lesson 4:  Do not feel guilty about a day of rest.  God rested on the seventh day.

I confess I have not perfected any of these.  At times I still struggle, but I take it day by day.  Don’t give up!  We can rid ourselves of the Super Working Mom Syndrome with delegation, preparation, rest and of course, prayer.


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