Page 1 of “Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer” spoke to me…actually it was page VII – the Table of Contents.  Yep, right there lines three and four “Strategy 1: Your Passion, Getting it Back”.  Those words screamed at me, touched me, reminded me…. “remember when?”

Yes, I remember  when I awoke at 5:00 a.m. to spend time in study and prayer.  Praying for family, friends and the world, specific, heart felt passionate prayers sometimes with tear filled eyes.  Yes, I remember when I was considered a prayer warrior and a fire burned inside me. 

I don’t remember when I stopped because it was gradual.  Life happened, draining me emotionally and physically until I was broken, empty, and finally silent.  Did you see that- I was silent, not God. I knew I needed to pray prostrate before God, but I did not have the heart to do so, being too weary, too overcome, too…

Then one day Fervent “found” me.  I thumbed through it, making my way to the Introduction not expecting much.  But as I read, chills went through me, not once, not twice, but over and over.  I circled, made notes and dogeared pages that spoke to me.  The more I read, I realized that I had allowed the enemy to use my situation  to withdrawal me not only from praying, but from studying God’s Word daily.  I had allowed the enemy to steal my joy and my passion. 

One morning, instead of checking Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest,  I returned to my “prayer closet” and began to pray and study and again the next morning, then the next and the next.  I am not back to the level of passion I had, but I am steady on my feet and growing.  So steady that when the next storm hit, it did not knock me down, but gave me peace. A peace of knowing that God knows what happened, knows what He has planned, and knowing that there is nothing I can do but be patient, pray and wait.  

One of my favorite lines Priscilla wrote is that God wants me (and you) “to become such a stick-of-dynamite prayer warrior that Satan just hates hearing your coffeepot heat up in the morning.”  Had I not returned to prayer, this latest storm had the potential knocking me off my feet, but it didn’t. 

Priscilla gives specific examples with specific solutions to igniting a passionate prayer life whether you want to “maintain it or regain it”.  Fervent is a good place to start preparing your strategy for “fervent and effective prayer”. 

With the New Year comes the new resolutions.  Let one of those resolutions be a new or renewed prayer life. To help you start the New Year off right,  I am giving away one copy of Fervent. Just leave a comment and one winner will be randomly selected.

(Disclosure: B&H Publishing provided a copy of Fervent to review and a second copy to giveaway. The opinions are my own.)

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