Do you ever wish there were eight days in a week? Maybe a three-day weekend?  I do.  Just one extra day on the weekend to finish up what needs to be done.  Saturdays are for games. Sundays for worship and family and “Eighthday” is devoted to cleaning and errands.  A mom can dream!

Seriously, how can working moms get it all done in seven days six days?  Time management and prioritizing.  Where do we start?  With God’s Word. God created the Heavens and the earth and all that is in them in SIX DAYS.  He created everything!  I can’t even get the laundry done in seven days, but I’m not God.  I’m me, imperfect, running on empty 80% of the time.

Genesis 1 speaks of the creation of time.  The day separated from the night,  24 hours; 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night.  We have eight hours to sleep (hopefully) and 16 hours to work – – 16 hours! Why can’t I get the laundry under control?  I know why, lack of a well scheduled day and willingness to stick to it!

When I had a cleaning schedule, our household ran smoother and I was not stressed over the need to clean a house that I was too tired to tackle. Every week I printed a new calendar, placed it on the refrigerator and stuck to it.   Getting back to a cleaning schedule is one of my goals for the year.

If you are like me and  struggle with getting everything accomplished, I have five tips to help you get started.

1.Know Your Time:  This is all part of the natural flow of our individual lives.  This is determined by church, work, school, and activities.  The rest of our day is “free time”. What we do with it is a choice.  The best way to determine your family’s daily rhythm is to write it out.  So grab your calendar and begin by “scheduling” the everyday events- the times you are at work, school, and activities. The time that is “free” is what you will work with.

2. Break Time Down:  We have seven days in one week.  In each day we are given at least eight hours to sleep and sixteen hours to work.  I assign each day its own chore and allow 30 minutes to complete that day’s chore.  For example, on Tuesday, I  schedule time to clean the floors, do a few loads of laundry, prepare dinner, and workout.  Because we attend church on Wednesday nights, I will not schedule any chore other than laundry. My schedule will generally stay the same every week.  Consistency is the key to keep things going.

3. Laundry:  Most moms agree that laundry is one of their  biggest challenges.   We often talk of the mountain of laundry that is taking over our homes and struggle with getting it finished.  Guess what?  LAUNDRY WILL NEVER BE FINISHED FOR MORE THAN A FEW MINUTES! So what do we do?  Accept it and schedule it!

For example, certain days of the week, I wash towels, my son’s school uniforms, and on Fridays/Saturdays all the bedding is cleaned.  I wash everything else in between.  I usually wash one load and dry another load before leaving for work.  When I get home, I put way one load, and wash and dry another load.  By using this system, I can get two to three loads of laundry finished a day.

4. Be Consistent: Once your cleaning schedule in place, stick to it. Don’t try to do Monday’s and Tuesday’s assigned chores on Wednesday as it will take more than 30 minutes and cause frustration.  The only exception to this rule is if it is something that absolutely cannot wait until Saturday or the next week when it is scheduled.  If we stay consistent, our homes should stay neat, not perfect, but lived in.

5. Time to Rest:  We are instructed by the Creator to rest.  To work six days and to rest on the seventh.  As Believers, Sunday is our day of rest.  It is important for us to rest.  We need time to decompress, to have quiet time with God, and time to spend with our families without distractions.  A time to reconnect with what is most important.  Sunday is for rest without guilt.  Protect it.  Enjoy it. God rested.  So shall we.

Remember, a cleaning schedule will only work if you design it around your family.  Keep tweaking it until it works well for you and be consistent.

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