Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  To me it represents love, hope, new beginnings, and new life.  I enjoy sharing the meaning of Easter with my son by reading to him and answering any questions he may have.  He recently asked why we hunt eggs on Easter.  I simply told him it was a game we played.  A more beautiful explanation can be found in the Legend of the Easter Egg. This story addresses issues such as separation and death that may be hard for younger kids to understand, but in the end focuses on the joy of being reunited and new life.

Another book we enjoy is What is Easter.  This delightful story explains that Easter eggs, bunnies, and jellybeans may be fun, but the true meaning of Easter is God’s only Son.

Our most favorite activity is going through the Resurrection Eggs.  My son likes to open each egg to find out what is inside while listening to the bible verse.   I find the Resurrection Eggs is more engaging for him as he is a hands-on-visual learner and having something tangible to hold helps him remember.

We also like to watch Veggie Tales’ The Easter Carol.  This is a spin off of Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol, and includes the stories of the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus in true Veggie Tales style.

Whatever your Easter traditions may be, remember that it is not about Easter eggs, jellybeans and bunnies, it is about Jesus dying on the cross bearing the sins of all so that we may be saved through his blood. (Matthew Chapters 26-28)

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