For those of us who have a career, it is almost impossible to homeschool our children despite the desire we may have.   I was blessed to have the opportunity to teach our son at home for two years before placing him in a private school.  With that said, my husband and I made the decision several months ago to continue to attend the Midwest Homeschool Convention because of the vast selection of curriculum, educational toys/tools, local extra curricular activities and the hundreds of beneficial lectures and workshop.

We spent several hours perusing classical books, parenting and education tools as well as attending lectures and parenting workshops.  We found everything we were looking for and much more.  Here is what we came away with:

For the child who needs structure, routine or discipline we purchased the Accountable Kids program which is a great tool to train your child to maintain a daily routine without the constant reminder from mom to brush their teeth in the morning.  The program is designed to teach children to be accountable and responsible for daily chores and provides an opportunity to do extra chores to earn bonus bucks.


The Accountable Kids program has improved our mornings making it easier to get out the door on time.

Next, we were excited to find the Championship Chess booth at the Convention and of course there were Chess games set up for the everyone to enjoy and without missing a beat Sir Talks-A-Lot began to play.  While at the booth we discovered the Chess Basics book which is an easy to follow, step-by-step, piece-by-piece guide to  playing chess.


Sir Talks-A-Lot wants to learn to play the game and with my limited knowledge of Chess I attempted to teach him, but to say the least, it was a struggle for both of us. We easlily covered the first three activities and both feel comfortable in our newly found knowledge of the game.   I am excited that Sir Talks-A-Lot wants to learn to play Chess because of the educational benefits.  Chess is known to improve math skills, logical thinking skills, problem solving and improve IQs.  If you or anyone in your family wants to learn the art of Chess I highly recommend this series.

Also at the Convention was one of our local Universities’ music department. Our seven year old son who has always loved to sing was given the opportunity to play a violin, a guitar and a cello.  His face lit up like Christmas morning and  something seemed to click in his soul as he “played” the cello. He has expressed an interest in learning to play the violin several times since the Convention.  We are now discussing the possibility of enrolling him into the music program.

Had we not attended the Convention, we would not have found the Accountable Kids program which has improved our lives; the Chess Basics book which my son will benefit from educationally and from spending one-on-one time together; or I may have never seen the spark in him as he proudly sat playing the cello while fully dressed in his baseball uniform.

These are just a few examples of my experience with the Convention.  I believe that families who do not homeschool would benefit from spending just one day at a Convention, because you never know what you may discover about your children or yourself.

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