A day off for a working mom? Never. The only thing a working mom has the day off from is her job. We use our personal time and vacation time for virtually everything but a vacation. Today is an example of one such “day off”.

I desperately wanted to “sleep in” this morning because I remain utterly exhausted from my mission work during the past weekend. I did get to “sleep in” until 6:30 a.m. before KJ decided it was time to get up. I stumbled downstairs to make coffee and check my email. After two cups of coffee and breakfast I got ready for the day.

We were out the door by 8:30ish on our way to run an errand then off to the grocery store for a quick trip before picking up KJ’s BFF for the day.  On the way to pick up BFF, KJ discovered an overdue library book hidden in the back console. Luckily BFF lives near the library and after picking him up we returned the book.

The boys decided it was lunch time, so I made pizza. After lunch, I prepared beef stew and threw it in the slow cooker. The boys were off running and playing while I cleaned the kitchen riding it of the all the dirt and mud from our mission work over the weekend. I also cleaned the new coffee maker and the Keurig. I washed the master bedding; two loads of dishes; and at last count, nine loads of laundry. I also spiralized several cucumbers, made brownies, wrote this post and started on another post!

So you see, a working mom’s “day off” only means a day off from her job not a day off from life.  And I remain, Exhausted!

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4 Responses to A Working Mom’s Day Off?!?!

  1. Oh, how I can relate! I had to keep my youngest home from preschool last week, which meant I was trying to do my job and keep him occupied – so double the stress of a normal day. But we got the best gift ever this weekend – the grandparents took both kids to their house for the weekend. Two truly free days for us – for the first time in 4 years. Heaven!

  2. MandyE says:

    I hear ya!!! I started back to work when my girls started kindergarten last fall, and I SO want a day off!!! If I wasn’t trying to conserve vacation days (sigh…), I would just take a random day in the middle of the week while the kiddos are in school. But…I need those days for time with the girls…so that doesn’t feel right.

    I’m trying to balance wanting time to myself (when I was a SAHM, I’d take an hour or so on the weekend and go sit quietly with a book at the coffee shop)…but now that I don’t see my girls nearly enough, I feel guilty even wanting to do that.

    It will all balance out in the end, I’m sure…but whew! :)

    Stopping by from #twinklytuesday ! Nice to “meet” you!

  3. Steph says:

    I hear you mama! Hang in there!

  4. So true. Nodding while reading. Not even a sick day is a sick day as well sadly. #twinklytuesday