Every year my mama deep cleans her entire house literally from top to bottom.  With our busy schedule, I am lucky to deep clean one room once a year.  But this year I have a plan.   I will take on the least challenging rooms first then work from there.  Sounds simple.

I began with the master bath which is probably the worst of all the rooms. Being a Southerner my attempt to maintain big hair requires a great deal of hairspray, which coats the walls and floor!

Mama taught me to always start at the top and work my way down when cleaning. Taking her advice, I began at the top… the very top…

1. The Ceiling:  I have the popcorn ceilings that builders seems to love, but most homeowners despise.  Dust clings to them and they are difficult to clean.  Washing is not an option because the “mud” will come off. What to do?…….



With my handheld vacuum in hand I cleaned the ceiling, removing all the dust and excess “mud” which I hope will reduce future clinging dust!

But don’t forget the eye wear to protect from falling debris.

My son's goggles!

My son’s goggles!

2.  The Walls:  I again used the handheld vacuum to clean the dust off the walls before washing them with my Reveal microfiber mop and a solution of Murphy’s Oil Soap.  Always working from the top of the wall down.

Dust the walls before washing.

Dust the walls before washing.

3.  The Fixtures:  Next came  the door and door frame, continuing to use the vacuum.  The window.  The decor.  The shower and shower head.  The light fixture in which I used Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser and found a secret it was hiding….

Dirt!  Yuck!

Dirt! Yuck!

I used a wonderful cleaning tool to scrub the hairspray off my fixtures…..

An old toothbrush!

An old toothbrush!

4. The Floor:  Last, but not least, I washed the baseboards and floors with Murphy’s Oil and finally the master bath clean and shiny!

This task took me almost all day, but it was worth it! On to the next project.




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