If you’ve missed me this past week, I was preparing to attend the Midwest Homeschool Convention over the weekend.  I bet you’re wondering “Why does a working mama go to a homeschool convention?” Because I homeschooled for two years. (A story for another day).

My husband and I enjoy the lectures related to parenting and education.  We also look forward to perusing the curriculum and classical books/literature. It is our goal to continue KJ’s education during the summer with math and reading to help him improve in areas that he may have struggled with during the school year. The Homeschool Convention provides us with more than enough resources to keep him busy.  It is also a great place to find classical and historical books that KJ has asked for such as Paul Revere, George Washington and Daniel Boone.

KJ was excited to go to the Convention after school. He enjoys exploring the hands-on booths and we enjoy watching his excitement and interest as he discovers new things.  It also helps us know what he enjoys the most so we can encourage and direct his interests educationally. At last year’s homeschool convention, we found tools to  teach him Chess, which he wanted to learn; and thanks to a local university’s music department, we saw KJ’s face lit up as he “played” the cello and other string instruments.  Because of his strong interest, he now takes violin lessons.

This year, KJ was more fascinated with science and microscopes.  He went from microscope to microscope looking at the different slides and objects under the lens.  He went from science booth to science booth learning about motion and energy.  His favorite exhibit this year was the Robot Academy. He was fascinated with the sumo robot battle. It’s Legos® + technology = bot battle.  Given KJ’s love of Legos® and interest in science, it’s no wonder he wanted to spend a lot of time at the Robot Academy.

There are also non-educational vendors related to healthy living, time management, and meal planning.  One in particular is One a Month Meals. This blog is dedicated to making meals easier.  The blogger prepares a menu for the month, shops once, cooks once, and freezes the meals for the month.  What a fantastic idea for every mom!

Homeschool conventions do not have to be for homeschoolers only.  It’s for anyone who wants to be more involved with their child’s education and wants to discover their child’s interests in a family atmosphere.  There are resources to help train children to manage their responsibilities; lectures for better parenting including, resolutions for disciplinary issues, home and time management, and information for many colleges. The possibilities are endless!

It’s our family’s desire to return to homeschooling, but for now we will continue in our amazing classical christian school until I am able to return home!

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