10 Steps to Declutter

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your workspace? Drowning in clutter?  Overflowing emails? No room to breathe?  Me too!

I’ve made a checklist of 10 things that I can do in 10(ish) minutes to declutter my workspace:

  1. Email: Delete or archive emails.  Take 10 minutes a day (or once a week) until all old and unnecessary emails are out of your Inbox.
  2. Voicemail:  One word – delete. This should take less than 10 minutes.
  3. Computer Desktop: Organize the icons on your desktop, grouping similar icons together and make the most used icons more visible for quick access.  Remember to delete any unused icons.  Caution: Call the IT department before removing any unfamiliar, techy-looking icons.
  4. Recycle:  Because my job is paper oriented, I keep a small box under my desk for recycling. My recycling quickly gets out of control making my workspace feel cluttered and stressful.  Taking 10 minutes or less once every two weeks keeps it under control.
  5. Drawers: Clear out all unnecessary items, including documents.  Then re-organize to meet your needs.
  6. File Cabinets/Shelves: Remove any completed/closed project files to make room for new files. Arrange the remaining files alphabetically and/or alphabetically by client.
  7. Desk: Clear your workspace of any filing and non-essential items. Designate a place for the items in your newly organized drawers.  Remember, “a place for everything and everything in its place”.
  8. Clean:   Now that your desk is clear, wipe it down.  Remember to clean behind the computer where dust likes to gather the most.  Use an air duster to clean your keyboard.  Lastly, sanitize your phone!
  9. Organize:   Now that your desk is decluttered and disinfected, it’s time to organize it to your natural work flow. Use nice file folders to keep everyday forms/invoices, etc., at your fingertips.
  10. Assignments:  Complete as many year-end assignments as possible by January 30th to clear both your desk and your mind in preparation of the coming year!


  • Mobile Devices: Smart phones and tablets can also become cluttered making some functions and apps run slow or not at all.  Take time to delete unwanted photos and download others to your home computer.  Remember to backup your devices’ contact and other information. Let’s face it, most of us have dropped our devices at least once.  Unfortunately, my phone took a hot french vanilla latte bath.  I lost everything!

If you are ready to take the challenge of taking back your workspace, get the free 10 Steps to Declutter 2016  checklist!

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